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About Us

Myrniong Primary School, (No. 0487) is situated 16 kilometres North-West of Bacchus Marsh and 43 kilometres South-East of Ballarat in the small historic township of Myrniong. Students are drawn from a triangle shaped area, which extends from Bacchus Marsh to Ballan to Blackwood, encompassing many districts. The majority of students travel to school on our school bus service.

Currently, the school has 190 students, Principal, 13 teaching staff and 2 Support Staff and 1 Business Manager.

The school is committed to continual improvement in all forms of communication to members of its community. It recognises its accountability to parents, in particular in the essential area of students’ progress. The reporting process takes into account both parents’ and teachers’ needs. A mix of both parent/teacher interviews and written reports is used. Our school has an active Fundraising Committee that actively involves community members in school activities. Our school runs annual community events such as Trivia Nights, B.B.Qs,  and much more.

Myrniong joins with a number of other primary schools in the Bacchus Marsh and surrounding areas to work cooperatively to provide annual sports days.  The school also provides camps for F-6 students to various locations. We are one of very few schools to offer an overnight camp for our F-2 students later in the year.

Myrniong P.S  is committed to upgrading high quality resources to enhance learning and to seek out the best available resources with consideration to the budget, school goals and priorities. Our school provides a comprehensive curriculum in the domains using recognised teaching and learning strategies that are designed to meet the individual needs of all students.

Our School Values

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Click here to see what Our Values mean for our students at each level.

School Times

Duty of Care 8:45am – 3:45pm
Music Begins 8:55am
School Begins 9:00am
Morning Recess 11:00 – 11:30am
Lunch 1:30 – 2:30pm
(includes eating time inside)
Home Time 3:30pm

Out of Hours School Care is available onsite before and after school. See Parents Page for more details.


Myrniong Primary School has a visible and vibrant sustainability focus. We have embraced the need to reduce our water and energy consumption whilst also tracking major issues such as reducing waste and recycling materials. Our students take pride and care of our vegetable patch and our chickens. We have over 100,000 litres of tank water which is used on our beautiful gardens and a reticulation system which keeps our oval lush all year round.

P 03 5368 7232 myrniong.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au