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Myrniong Primary School Ooutside School Hours Care Co-ordinator: Mrs Zamira Ludewig

Statement of Philosophy

Myrniong Primary School Outside School Hours Care enables children’s learning through play and leisure to support their wellbeing, learning and development. All play, leisure and learning experiences are informed by the Framework: My Time, Our Place. Children are provided with three activities, informed by reflective practice as well as a range of alternative experiences. Educators encourage free choice that responds and respects children’s interests and development at that time. We emphasise social and emotional development and communication throughout all aspects of the service to promote active citizenship. There is great importance on building relationships within the service and extending each child’s talents and interests from their home and school environments.

We promote healthy lifestyles by only offering healthy foods and utilising outdoor activities as often as the weather allows. The environment is set out to advocate identity for a sense of belonging and is a safe haven for children. Our service prides itself in developing positive, respectful and supportive relationships with children, parents and the immediate school community. It is a space where every person, regardless of culture, beliefs or ability are included and respected in the program. Myrniong’s community and cultural heritage are valued in the program, along with an acknowledgement of our local Indigenous nation, the Wathaurong people.

Contact Us

We are attached to Myrniong Primary School at:

Blow Street, Myrniong VIC 3341

Phone: 5368 7027

Email: asc.myrniong.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

If we are unavailable please leave us a message on our answering machine or with the school main office (03 5368 7232)

Enrolment Information

It is a legal requirement that all families complete an official OSHC Enrolment Form before they use the program. Parents are asked to obtain an enrolment form from the School Office or the OSHC Coordinator.  These are to be update on an annual basis or when contact information changes.  Parents are responsible for informing staff of these changes.

Enrolment forms should contain child’s interests, cultural background, and special dietary requirements.  They also contain information from families on the individual health needs of the child. Centrelink may use provided information such as CRNs, date of birth and any siblings to update records or payments. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that all information is correct.

Bookings and payments

Permanent Bookings

Children who are attending the program regularly on the same days are encouraged to make a permanent booking. These bookings will automatically carry over to each new week for the whole year unless the booking is changed. One weeks’ notice is required for cancellation of bookings. 

Casual Bookings

Children who do not attend the program on set days can book into the program on a casual basis.  Casual bookings can be made via the main school office, via center phone (03 5368 7027) or via email.  Casual bookings that are cancelled within 24 hours of the booking being made will not be charged.


Cancellations and absences

Parents/Guardians are required to notify the service of any cancellations, changes or additions to bookings. This can be done at the centre during operating hours, or by leaving a message on the centre phone 5368 7027 or contacting the school office on 5368 7232.

When permanently booked sessions have absences, these places are still to be charged at the absent rate (50% of original charge).

If a child has been casually booked into the program, but does not attend and the OSHC has not been notified, the session will be charged at the absent rate.

Children are not to be relied upon to communicate booking changes, additions or cancellations.

Late fees and extra charges

A late fee will be charged for each child remaining in care after the advertised closing time of 6:30pm, or arriving before the opening time of 6:30am.


Some families may be eligible for CCS. In order for this discount to be applied, the service must be supplied with the child and primary carer’s CRN and date of birth. It is the parent/ carer’s responsibility to provide this information.

Accounts and payments

It is a requirement of the service that accounts must be paid regularly. Active families must make a payment within 14 days of their statement or last payment. Any account with an excessive outstanding amount may be asked to cease attending the service until full payment has been made. Outstanding accounts which have been active at the service with more than 14 days since last payment may also be asked to cease care until a payment is made.

Fees are billed fortnightly and payments may be made directly at the school main office via cash or EFTPOS, or via BPAY to the school, as long as the school is notified that the payment is intended for OSHC.

If financial hardship is an issue, please discuss this with OSHC staff and arrangements can be made.

Statement of Fees


Before School Care:

Full session (6:30am – 8:45am): $23.00 per child

Half session (8:00am – 8:45am): $11.50 per child

Half session with breakfast: $13.50 per child


After School Care:

Full session (3:30pm – 6:30pm): $25.00 per child

Half session (3:30pm – 4:00pm): $12.50 per child

Additional Charges

A late fee will be charged for each child arriving at the centre prior to 6:30am, or remaining in care after the closing time of 6.30pm at $2.00 per minute.

Extra breakfast for students in a full BSC session will also incur a $2.00 fee.

P 03 5368 7232 myrniong.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au